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With 30+ years of mission critical experience, we develop cloud-based situational awareness solutions to make connected and automated vehicles safer, smarter and more efficient.
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Carmenta TrafficWatch

For automated vehicles

This powerful cloud-based system monitors each vehicle with complete situational awareness, by collecting both dynamic and static data and constantly analysing the vehicle’s physical environment. It then automatically issues safety instructions to avoid situations or events that may compromise safe or efficient driving.

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It’s about being able to see far beyond the vehicle’s sensors.”
Johan Holmqvist
Vice president, Business development

Carmenta ControlTower

For automated fleets

Road traffic control towers require a thorough understanding of the real-time operating environment of their controlled vehicles. Carmenta ControlTower™ provides operators and fully automated systems with complete situational awareness to constantly ensure vehicle safety and efficiency.

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Carmenta technology
– at the heart of it all

Carmenta technology enables software developers to easily and quickly create dynamic map and sensor data displays. It has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of mission critical applications, with the ultimate goal of delivering superior situational awareness.

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